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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Mystic Colours started their first day on the first of June 2021.We are dedicated to teaching drawing and painting to all who wish to learn.

Starting with an introductory class where Disha who loves to paint and write painted a lovely landscape with oil pastels. Below is her painting.

Then from our first week to our 14th week we have had a few introductory and regular sessions . Yes, a workshop and a even a Birthday party session where we all learned to draw and paint a Monkey. At the end we have four very different Monkeys and we were all very pleased.

I smiled and remembered a Mighty Dragon painted by a five year old, a couple of months ago which the five year old artist even took to school to show her friends .I loved it so much that i couldn't keep myself from animating it.

Do click on the video.

A landscape i fell in love with painted by a very focused 10 year old, a Giraffe by another very intelligent 11 year old and a couple of Dolphins by a 5 year old.

Its important i mention the age just so that i am reminded how well they can paint at that age and if they can, so can anybody else.

Now, Mystic Colours is also a member of the MCCC, Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce and we got this awesome opportunity to be one of the sponsors for the grand opening of their new office on the 8th of September, which we were thrilled about. His Worship Mayor Logan K Howlett outbid all on the ‘silent auction of the painting of the Sugarloaf Rock painted by me of Mystic Colours, pictures of which you will see below.

That was so encouraging and exciting .

While our excitement continues so does our Journey and the Blog. For now, its a see you again!

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